Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For some reason, one of the things that will make Luke giggle the MOST is when I shout "Now!" at him! Dad caught our little shenanigans on video and I thought I'd show all of you!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sister Will Protect You

I was pushing Luke on the swing the other day and burst into a random original song. Mommy happened to catch it on camera. I think you'll love my creativity in my lyrics... The song is called "Sister will protect you" and some of mom's favorite verses were:

"Sister will protect you....from ANYthing...."
"From WHO? A stranger...a monster...a person you don't know"
"Anything...can be almost..."

Perhaps I should consider a future in songwriting? Check me out (song starts around 30 sec. mark)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day, and 8 months old

Sorry I've been lazy about blogging. Momma just took a new part-time job and what little "down time" she had is now totally gobbled up, so its been hard for me to get her to sit down and help me blog.

Anyway, life has continued to zip along at mock speed here in our house. I'm still as busy as ever, LOVING preschool and all my fun activities. I'm about to take a break from my gymnastics class and do some soccer and t-ball for the summer. Should be fun! I'm also taking swimming lessons at our new gym and can now swim legitimately ON MY OWN for the first time ever - I can even come up and breathe on my own before continuing on. Momma is proud and she'll get a video soon.

Luke turned 8 months old last week. Not much new to report with him. Still happy, still smiley, still crawling ALL OVER the place, and still just totally obsessed with his big sister. (and I feel the same way about him!). He did just get his 3rd tooth, a top one this time, but he hasn't been too fussy so that's great.

Mothers Day weekend was so much fun. Saturday we went up to Boulder to see my great-grandma Shirley and her new apartment. Then we went to a mini-family reunion with all the extended family at Uncle John and Aunt Amy's house. I was such a good girl and had SUCH fun playing to my hearts content outside. They have a big big yard and horses nearby...lots to see and to pick, bocce ball, and it was 80 degrees and sunny outside so I enjoyed every minute! My family sure is fun!

Sunday we took momma to breakfast and then daddy sent her for a hot-stone massage, whatever that is. She loved it, though! After she got home, we all went to the park together and I got to run around in the fountains enjoying an 85 degree May day. I had a blast and of course met a friend twice my age, who I promptly started to boss around and she complied. I have a way with people.

Not many pictures on Mothers Day, since daddy has to be the photographer and he's just not that into that role, but we did get a couple.

I promise I'll whip mom into shape about blogging more.

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