Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

We had a fun thanksgiving this year in Denver. We celebrated with momma's side of the family with a short trip up to Dillon, CO to play in the mountains. Momma was still missing her camera so she didn't get any pictures, but I had a blast. I especially loved playing with cousin Ryder...he is very into crawling around chasing after balls right now, so I got down and dirty with him and spent the majority of one afternoon down on my hands and knees playing with him. Everyone says I'm really sweet with Ryder.

Then Nana and Papa came into town and we spent a few days relaxing and eating around their house. I always have fun with them and usually beg mom to take all my naps and overnight sleeps at their house. Lucky for my they often oblige.

The other highlight was Thanksgiving night dinner at the Marottas house. I spent lots of time playing with my older cousins and even bonded with the previously "scary" Uncle Derek. I dropped about 10 one-liners that had all the adults laughing, including telling mom that although I hadn't finished my plate, I had done "pretty darned good" and deserved some dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Only a Month late, right?

Ok so momma finally got her camera back so she can post these pictures back from Halloween. I loved being Snow White and we joke that Luke dressed up as cousin Ryder, since he was in Ryder's Patagonia fleece as we walked around the neighborhood.

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Friday, November 19, 2010


Mom took this picture of me on her blackberry a few weeks ago when I was really sick. I had about a 104.5 degree fever in this picture and mommy had me in the bath to try to break my fever...don't I look like a little dollface? That's what mommy says.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My first visit to the dentist was a HUGE success! We made it a family affair and mommy and daddy were both so happy... I was so polite, was very cooperative and asked lots of cute questions. The dentist told me my teeth are wonderful and now I get to go back every 6 months for a checkup. Did I mention there was a TV on the ceiling? I was VERY into it and think that my bedroom should have one too! They're quite convenient!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't You Forget About Me

Yes, in case you were wondering, mommy does take pictures of me on her blackberry too. Here's a few I thought you'd like!

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Cell Shots

With our camera being gone mom has had to resort to her blackberry to take all my pictures lately. Here are a few she found of Luke when browsing through!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


So Mom lost her camera... That's why I've been so delayed in writing a post about Halloween. Anyway, our whole household was sick the week before Halloween so we weren't very much in spirit, but we rallied for trick-or-treating and I was thrilled to join my friends running from house to house. I made it about an hour and a half before asking to go home... But I'm sure mommy and daddy haven't seen the last of Snow White! Here are a couple pictures mom got on her blackberry.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Months

Well, brother, you've been around for two months now and life hasn't been the same since you arrived. You are the light of my life... I greet you enthusiastically EACH time I see you and love snuggling on you with hugs and kisses. Mom's most frequently used phrase lately is "Lauren..LAUREN! That's enough! Give him some room to breathe!"

We've all been sick since you've been born (dad with flu, mom with strep, and me with two viruses) but you've managed to stay healthy. I've had a no-kissing allowed rule with you about 2 of the past 4 weeks since I've been so sick, and so I give you "air kisses" and complain to mommy quite loudly that I miss being able to kiss you.

At your 2 month appointment you weighed 12lbs 4oz (75%), were 23 1/4 in long (75%), and your head circumference was 15 3/4 (50%).

You are a good sleeper at night (you only wake up once, at about 4am) and also enjoy napping during the day. You hate (and I mean HATE) riding in the car and if you're not sleeping during those rides, you are usually screaming your head off...which is kindof a bummer for me and mom as our car rides used to be pretty fun before you arrived! You started smiling a couple weeks ago and I especially love it when you smile at me. You can be a bit cranky some days, like you woke up on the wrong side of the crib or something, but besides those random days you are a pretty happy baby. You like to be held more than I did as a baby, but lucky for you I am such a good big sister that I don't mind how much of mom's and dad's attention (and arms) you take up.

The other day our little family was all in the car together and I said to momma: "Mom, thank you for giving me my baby brother. I love him soooo much. Thank you momma" - - I think that just about sums up how much I love you, little guy!

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