Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mountain Fun

We had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend. First I went with mama and Mimi up to Boulder to visit Great-grandma Shirley. It was fun to have a girls day and I behaved and did quite well. When we got home, mom and dad made a last-minute decision to head up to the mountains for the long weekend. We packed the car, loaded up and were gone within the hour....and were up at Aunt Cindy's condo within 90 minutes. So fun!

I had so much fun in the mountains. Our family went on a hike, spent the day at Keystone, I got to ride a gondola, we ate lunch on top of a mountain, went to the 4th of July parade in Breckenridge....and I did something SOO fun and brave it deserves its own post. For now, I'll give you some picture highlights. Unfortunately, mama's camera stopped working early in the weekend so most of her pictures were on her blackberry or ipod...

First, our early morning hike. So fun!

By the end of the hike, poor Luke had fallen asleep. He slept all the way home AND for another two hours once we got home. Fresh air does wonders!

Gondola ride at Keystone....
(have I mentioned I'm much more brave than mommy when it comes to heights??)

Top of the mountain...Lunch and family pictures!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm a bad sister.... Luke turned 10 months old on July 1st and I've just been too busy to blog about it. But I can't let TOO much time pass, or else I'll forget all the cool things he's been doing.

At 10 months, Luke, you:

- Fully crawl (not army style anymore)
- Pull up on anything and everything, including flat surfaces (wall, fridge, etc)
- Cruise on furniture
- Go up stairs
- Sit up (from laying down position) all by yourself
- Are almost done with baby food...you like table food
- Say "dada" and "nananana" all the time... but much to my dismay, no "sissy" or "mama"
- Shake your head "no", and also shake in the air any object when we ask you to "shake it!"
- Like to take my toys, and tend to hang on for dear life. I'm now starting to get mad when you take things and I tattle on you!

Even though you are starting to get on my nerves at times when you touch the IPad or take a toy from me, we are still the light of each other's worlds, brother. I love LOVE to play with you and I just know we are always gonna be best friends, bro! (mama thinks its funny I call you that already!)

Happy birthday, buddy! Soon you'll be a year old! Such a big boy :)

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