Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Bananas

So long story short, I love all things Elmo. Every day while mommy showers, I get to sit in her bed and watch "Elmo's World" video. In this video, Elmo introduces a subject (in this case, it was bananas) and then Elmo's fish, Dorothy, asks us kids a question. Today the question was "How do YOU eat a banana?"

After mommy got ready we headed downstairs, and I promptly asked for a banana. I proceeded to take it and start performing for Elmo's world. I said "Dorothy, this is how I eat a banana" - and right then, mommy stopped me, got out the videocamera, and you can see what happens next. I'm ready for my audition for Elmo's World!

Watch: Lauren in Elmo's World
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bells Were Ringing

Mommy's cousin Adi got married this weekend, and I was invited to the wedding - lucky me! I was an angel during the ceremony - except shouting "Amen" a few seconds late on each prayer, and once exclaiming "I'm getting Married, mommy!" - and most of my good behavior was thanks to the candy necklace Aunt Lisa gave me before the ceremony. It definitely kept me occupied!

During cocktail hour, Aunt Maggie volunteered to walk around with me. We snuck into the ballroom while it was being set up, and the DJ played music just for me and Mags, so we got to dance just us on the dance floor for almost an hour! I couldn't get enough of it! Here's a link to a short video mom took when she wondered into the ballroom and discovered what we were doing.

Because mommy and daddy like sanity, they took Anna and I upstairs before dinner time and we got to sleep in the hotel room with a babysitter while they partied the night away. I was quite a good wedding guest, if I dare say!

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My Cousin Anna

I know I've posted about my cousin Anna before... She was born 6 months after me and still lives in Chicago, and every time we get together mommy loves posting about our adventures.

Its been since Christmas that I got to see little Anna, and this past weekend Anna, Aunt Laura and Uncle Matt came to stay at our house. I had SO much fun goofing around with Anna - I just know if we lived closer we'd be best friends! Don't ask me WHY our mommies couldn't remember to take pictures of us when we had our clothes on - - just think about how adorable we are taking our bath and getting dressed together!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fond Farewell

One of my best buddies Bria, her daddy is going to Iraq today to fly a fighter jet for our country in the war. We held a BBQ this weekend to say goodbye to him, and it was a great time. Here's a few shots of the mommies and daddies (Mr. Tom is the one holding the football)...then the kiddos anxious to get into my friend Kenzie's basement to play. We had to go "on our bellies" downstairs since it was such a mad rush...but once we got downstairs it was a free for all! Good luck in Iraq, Mr. Tom! We will pray for you every night!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day, Take 3

Hard to believe this is mommy's 3rd mothers day! The first year we had a wonderful brunch with Nana and Papa at the Four Seasons in Chicago, last year we visited the zoo in Denver, and this year we stayed at home and celebrated as a family. I was a little "off my game" as they say, a bit tired and grumpy today, but I made up for it before bedtime when mommy and I goofed off and laughed our heads off for a good 45 minutes. I spent all day saying "Happy Birthday Mothers Day" to mommy, and she sure did feel special today from the VIP treatment me and daddy gave her.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gorilla Gazing

Here's a cute picture of me and my buddies Cole, McKenzie, Nicholas and Bria at the zoo the other day. I'm still a little bummed that the gorilla didn't wave back to us, but that's okay. I think many creatures (including humans) get a little freaked out when faced with 5 toddlers a couple feet away.

By the way, from this angle you can really see how much I tower over my buddies. Mom is still a little jealous of me being in the 98% for height. I'm not going to be a shorty like her!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Hide and Seek

I'm very into playing Hide and Seek with mommy and daddy. Usually they hide and I try to find them, because when I'm hiding, I tend to call out "I'm right here!"

On this occasion, daddy and I hid together under the kitchen table. How did she ever find us?

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


My imagination has been in full-gear lately. I do lots of pretend play with my dolls and at my kitchen. Today when I was eating some pretzel crackers for a snack, I started telling mommy that my pretzels were monkeys, birds, lions and tigers. I'm not quite sure she saw them the way I did, but that didn't stop me from having fun!

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