Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone!! Sorry I'm a little behind in my blog posting, but I've been a busy girl lately (plus, mom and I have been sick so the blogging fell last on the list). For Thanksgiving, Nana and Papa took the family to Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona. It was my first time going to Arizona (well...technically I went when I was in momma's belly, but I don't count that) and I LOVED all the unique things about the desert. I tended to interrupt any adult conversation with "THERE's a cactus...and THERE's a cactus....and THERE's a cactus" and also learned that the tall, big cactus is called a "saguaro", and repeated that fact about 100 times.

I had a BLAST with all my aunts and uncles, and of course Nana and Papa too. I find all of my uncles very silly and funny...and pretty much hang over all the older girls in the family. Good thing they think I'm cute and shower me with tons of attention! While we mostly stayed at the resort, I did get to go on outings to the Tuscon Zoo and to Sabino Canyon. I'll tell you more about that soon.

But in the meantime...

Friday, November 20, 2009


After a kissing attack from mom...."Mommy, that's too many kisses. You can only kiss me one time"

Upon waking up in the morning... "So, what's the plan today, mom?"

Looking for a place to hide my favorite toy
"Nana, where do you suppose I should hide this?"

After bonking heads with mommy, I said...
"Aww..Its okay, honey. I'll kiss it and make it better"

To my preschool teacher
"Miss Sandy, your shoes are sooo cute today!"

Sitting down to lunch with mommy
"So mom, what's the latest and greatest?"

To Dr. Kathy, my mom's new doctor
"Kathy? That's my Nana. My Nana K She's my favorite and I love her soo much" (the nurses thought I was sooo cute when I said that)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Future Superstar

I sing all the time (and I mean ALL THE TIME). Last night, I put on a concert last night for mommy and daddy. My "stage" was an empty box lid, and after each song I tried to add a book to the base (don't ask me why - I'm a preschooler, and don't need to explain my strange ways!). Check out my songs from Annie - Sound of Music -and my preschool. Broadway, here I come! (and ps - I know my words aren't always correct, but I'm just a kid so give me a break!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The BEST Part of Halloween

Hands down, the best and most coolest thing about Halloween this year was I got to meet Elmo. I was totally and utterly entranced...standing back and waving at him for what seemed like forever...a faraway look in my eyes...and then he asked me to come hug him...and hug him I did (several times!) It was adorable...and I love Elmo as much as ever!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Lamb

Halloween was so fun this year! It was my first time trick-or-treating in our neighborhood in Colorado (we were in SLC last year) and I had an absolute BLAST. I went with my neighborhood buddies Ashleigh, Ryder, Chloe and Hadleigh, plus their parents, plus Nana and Papa. I ran to each and every house and was always a polite girl saying "thank you" after getting my treats. Mom and dad had perhaps hoped for more of a bonding experience, but I left them in the dust! They did enjoy seeing me have so much fun, though. After 1 hour of manic trick-or-treating, I sat down at the edge of a random driveway and declared I was done. I was home and in bed asleep 20 minutes later.

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Even though I was a lamb for Halloween this year, I attended so many Halloween-related things that mommy let me switch it up a bit. Here I am being a fairy princess...put together with things already in my closet. Gotta love it!

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