Monday, December 10, 2007


Well I turned 10 months old yesterday, and it seems I'm learning a new trick every day! Here's a rundown of the new things I can do:

- Wave hello and goodbye consistently (and with both hands when I'm really excited!)
- Give kisses and hugs when asked
- Give "high five"
- Pull up on anything and everything
- Stand up from a sitting position, if I'm holding onto something (even if its a short something)
- "Walk" behind my Fisher Price walker
- Climb the stairs (with mommy hovering over me like a shadow)

Of course, I still say "dada" with every other breath I take and in response to any question I am asked, even if it has nothing to do with dada.

Mommy and daddy think I'm growing up WAY too quickly. Good thing I'm such a least I still LOOK like a baby!

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Noah said...


It was great to see you this week! Thanks for playing with me and sharing your toys. I look forward to seeing you again when you're out in IL.