Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Miss Talkative

I'm all about talking lately. Mommy and daddy were so impressed with my words these past few weeks that they made a list of what I know how to say, and I know SIXTY THREE words! Mommy and daddy figured that about 38 those I say without prompting on a daily (or semi-daily) basis. The other words I can repeat or say if I see a picture or flashcard.

My big surprise last week was when I was watching Uncle Andrew cook last week from my highchair, and suddenly just started saying "Andrew" - out of the blue! Everyone was pretty impressed. (Little did they know I'd been working on this word in my crib at night)

Mommy got a video of my new word, and also me saying ALL my aunts and uncles names.


Jen said...

It's so fun hearing her sweet voice! I can't wait to hear what else she has to say.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! I am ashamed to say it but I recognize you are frequenting my favorite fast food joint; Chick-fil-a. My dad is scary thorough on details. A talent I will certainly not appreciate when I am a teenager.