Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm TWO!!!

Happy birthday to me! Today I turned two years old. Mommy and daddy weren't overly emotional about my big day, but when they tucked me into bed tonight they got teary thinking about holding me as a newborn just two years ago. I guess they think the time has flown by!

I got to have a super cool birthday party yesterday. As opposed to last year when I was a little overwhelmed by everything, this year I totally loved being the center of attention. I even sat in my big girl chair (thanks Nana and Papa!) and opened my own presents!

A few of the things I'm doing at 2:

*Singing the following songs all by myself: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, my "Goodnight Song", Itsy Bitsy Spider
* Can sing my ABC's
* Counting to 15
* Jumping all the time from any height or just standing
* Polite little one: I always say please, thank you, and mostly say "no thanks" - and I often use the person's name before or after please/thanks
* Saying full sentences "I want some milk, daddy", "Help, mommy, I can't do it"
* Starting imaginative play, especially feeding and talking to my baby dolls

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Nici said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! We miss you!