Monday, July 13, 2009


Mommy and daddy went on vacation for a week without me (can you imagine?!) and I got to stay at home and have all sorts of fun. My Nana and Papa came to stay with me from Chicago, and I also got to spend lots of time with my Mimi and Pa, as well as Aunt Maggie and Uncle Andrew. I got to go to the zoo, a 4th of July parade, parks and pools... I was a very busy girl and every time we called mommy and daddy on the phone, I would yell "I'm having FUN, mom!!!"

I was a very good girl and everyone marveled at how well I did even with 8 days away from my parents. Mommy and daddy, of course, equally enjoyed their time away from me, but we were all SO happy to be reunited.

And I almost forgot - Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!! I'm sure 7 years of married life have been fun, but I know the last 2 years have been the BEST :)

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