Sunday, August 16, 2009


Right up the road from the house in Michigan is the summer camp that is dear to mommy's entire family. Mimi (mommy's mommy) and all her brothers went there, and my mom and her sisters grew up going there. Its called Miniwanca, and on this trip we spent one morning there to see my second-cousin Emily at her closing ceremonies (3 generations have now attended!). I LOVED running around the camp, and was able to sit for a full HOUR at the closing ceremony, entranced by all the singing and chanting and cheers of the campers. Mommy and daddy even bought me a Miniwanca sweatshirt! Best of all, in just a matter of days I have memorized the Miniwanca "theme song" and sing it almost daily, even now that I'm home. I think a summer at Miniwanca is in my future!!

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