Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas, Take Three (Chicago)

On Christmas morning, mommy and daddy woke me up and I was thrilled to see that Santa had visited my house! I had been such a good girl for the past month with my new "Elf on the Shelf", named Elfin, watching over my every move and reporting back to Santa my good deeds. Santa definitely spoiled me!

We quickly opened a few presents and then hopped in the car to get to the airport. It was off to Chicago!

I quickly fell asleep on the airplane.... along with daddy.

Upon arrival in Chicago, I was sooo excited to get to my Nana's truly was a winter wonderland!! Plus, it was time for more presents! I was extra thrilled with my new satin gloves just for tea time - thanks Nana!

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Vickie Scott said...

You are a special little girl.