Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Year Stats

I headed to the doctor last week for my 3 year well check. Mommy was super excited to go since my last well-check was when I turned two. I have to admit that I was a total DOLL at the appointment...was charming the heck out of the nurses (little do they know what a rascal I can be!) and at one point had a whole crowd of them around me. I took my pal "Piggy Pig" with me, and he did all the things I did. When Dr. Kono finally came in, he said "you've got this whole office buzzing about how hilarious you are, little one."

So it turns out I'm doing great for my age. Apparently I am highly verbal (surprise!) and Dr. Kono says I conceptualize beyond my age (whatever that means!). I am...drumroll please... 70% for weight (33lbs) and 90% for height (39in). No shots this visit, which was a bonus! Upon the completion of my appointment, I left with two new necklaces from the nurses, plus a sucker from Dr. Kono. I think I like it there!

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