Monday, May 10, 2010


I might not have told you that my daddy and Uncle Jo have opened a Chicago-style pizza place in Denver called Jimano's. Its always very busy so daddy is there naturally mommy takes me up to see him there and we'll grab a bite to eat together. Surprisingly, though, the highlight of my trips to Jimano's are hanging out with Jessie, uncle Jo's girlfriend. I follow Jessie around like a puppy dog, stand by her patiently holding her hand while she's ringing in orders, and wait for her at the door to the kitchen when she has to disappear. I tell Jessie that she's my best friend, and even the other day told mommy that, in fact, Jessie is my mommy. Predictably, I have a total meltdown every time we have to leave Jimano's. Daddy thinks its because we're leaving him, but we all know the truth... its all about Jess!

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Vickie Scott said...

Wow, I didn't know about your Daddy's pizza place...that is very exciting! I bet you would make a great waitress!