Friday, October 1, 2010


Lately I've been quite focused on daddy and the fact that he protects our family. The other day I declared to mommy out of the blue that "daddy protects us from ants, bees, flies, alligators, bears and snakes" (quite the range of animals!) My new favorite thing is, in the middle of a normal conversation, butting in to talk about daddy protecting me. It usually goes something like this.
(daddy) "And so today at work, my boss called and..."
(me) "Daddy, excuse me daddy"
(d) "Yes Lauren"
(me) "Daddy, tell me what you would do with an alligator"
(d) "Well, you see with an alligator, I would first jump on its back. Then I would grab its nose, shut its mouth, punch it in the eye, open the trash can, sit on top of it, and then glue the top on the garbage can."
(me) "Dad, when would the trashman come?"
(d) "I'd call him right away and tell him to come over. Then he'd take away the alligator"
(me)(turning to mom) "See mommy, daddy ALWAYS protects us"

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