Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm a bad sister.... Luke turned 10 months old on July 1st and I've just been too busy to blog about it. But I can't let TOO much time pass, or else I'll forget all the cool things he's been doing.

At 10 months, Luke, you:

- Fully crawl (not army style anymore)
- Pull up on anything and everything, including flat surfaces (wall, fridge, etc)
- Cruise on furniture
- Go up stairs
- Sit up (from laying down position) all by yourself
- Are almost done with baby like table food
- Say "dada" and "nananana" all the time... but much to my dismay, no "sissy" or "mama"
- Shake your head "no", and also shake in the air any object when we ask you to "shake it!"
- Like to take my toys, and tend to hang on for dear life. I'm now starting to get mad when you take things and I tattle on you!

Even though you are starting to get on my nerves at times when you touch the IPad or take a toy from me, we are still the light of each other's worlds, brother. I love LOVE to play with you and I just know we are always gonna be best friends, bro! (mama thinks its funny I call you that already!)

Happy birthday, buddy! Soon you'll be a year old! Such a big boy :)

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