Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eleven's Heaven

I'm sorry I've been so bad at blogging lately.... It's just that summer has been so busy! Lots of time at the pool and parks...plus mommy working hard at her new job and trying to run around after her two maniacs... Leaves little time for blogging. I promise I'll try to stay on her to keep up.

So Luke turned 11 months old yesterday.... Hard to believe that in one month, he will be ONE! Time flies when you're having fun!

What's little brother been up to lately??
- Cruising furniture
- Standing up all on his own
- Eating tons and tons of "big kid food" (although he is a meat and potatoes guy like daddy...not so much fruits and veggies)
- Knows how to drink out of sippy cups, water bottles, straws, CamelBaks, whatever!
- Says "dada", "baba", "nana" and tries his best to imitate "danger" and "sissy" (No - still NO mama!)
- Is overall VERY good natured but will not hesitate to unleash a NASTY high-pitched scream if things don't go his way

I love Luke as much as ever and spent about 10 minutes last night arguing with momma that when I get older, I'm going to marry him. Mom says I'll fall in love with a different prince charming, but I told her over and over "NO mama! I'm going to marry Luke"

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