Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Road Again...

Well, lest my life get too boring, I'm about to make another big change. Our house is full of boxes and tomorrow, they will be loaded in a truck to go back to Denver. I'm not sure what mommy is more thrilled about - another round of packing/moving/unpacking or the 9 hour road trip they're taking me on to get us home. Thank goodness for our portable DVD player - I'm going to be a good girl and watch Elmo for as many hours as possible.

With all my toys packed up, I've had to be a little creative about my playtime. The other night, I had a great time building a little home in the kitchen for my favorite monkey. Check out the video mom made...highlighting my organizational skills and the use of a few of my favorite phrases: "be right back", "big pillow!" and "oh HIiii". You'll also see that my only speed is fast!

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