Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recap from our Move

We were so busy moving over the last week that mommy didn't have time to help me post on my blog. Long story short is that the move went well. I was a little bored with all my toys in boxes, so daddy kept me entertained on the computer. Then mommy, daddy and me drove 9 hours from Salt Lake City to Denver, and I was a perfect traveler (sensing a theme here?). I napped and listened to music, and at the 5 hour mark finally asked for Elmo so mom and dad put on the DVD player. With two hours left, I fell asleep again. Perfect.

When we were unpacking in Denver, I was a big help. Here's a picture of me throwing away all the wrapping paper that was in our house.

I think 3 moves in 13 months is enough for me. These moves make mommy and daddy super stressed out, so I hope we're done for awhile!

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