Thursday, April 30, 2009

Repeat Offender

As Grandpa Bill would say, yesterday was a "Chamber of Commerce" day in Denver. Sunny skies, bright sunshine, and about 75 degrees. Mommy and I met up with some friends at the Denver Zoo for some fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, a goose up on a wall decided to attack me completely unprovoked. Mommy was standing a few feet away from me and saw the goose get a strange look towards me. I was looking the other way, so all I heard was a yelp and felt a bunch of feathers knock me over. Mommy yelled "Jesus God!" as she rushed to save me, and I have to admit I was pretty upset for a few minutes.

Being the brave girl I am, I recovered and enjoyed another couple hours at the zoo. After a long ride home, I hit the sack for my nap for a couple hours. When I awoke, mommy came and got me and as we were walking downstairs, I said to her "mommy - Jesus God!"

Oops. When will she learn? Even in moments of panic - I WILL remember and repeat what she says right back to me!

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Nici said...

I miss the Denver Zoo so much! Those geese are dangerous!