Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Bananas

So long story short, I love all things Elmo. Every day while mommy showers, I get to sit in her bed and watch "Elmo's World" video. In this video, Elmo introduces a subject (in this case, it was bananas) and then Elmo's fish, Dorothy, asks us kids a question. Today the question was "How do YOU eat a banana?"

After mommy got ready we headed downstairs, and I promptly asked for a banana. I proceeded to take it and start performing for Elmo's world. I said "Dorothy, this is how I eat a banana" - and right then, mommy stopped me, got out the videocamera, and you can see what happens next. I'm ready for my audition for Elmo's World!

Watch: Lauren in Elmo's World
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