Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

We had a fun thanksgiving this year in Denver. We celebrated with momma's side of the family with a short trip up to Dillon, CO to play in the mountains. Momma was still missing her camera so she didn't get any pictures, but I had a blast. I especially loved playing with cousin Ryder...he is very into crawling around chasing after balls right now, so I got down and dirty with him and spent the majority of one afternoon down on my hands and knees playing with him. Everyone says I'm really sweet with Ryder.

Then Nana and Papa came into town and we spent a few days relaxing and eating around their house. I always have fun with them and usually beg mom to take all my naps and overnight sleeps at their house. Lucky for my they often oblige.

The other highlight was Thanksgiving night dinner at the Marottas house. I spent lots of time playing with my older cousins and even bonded with the previously "scary" Uncle Derek. I dropped about 10 one-liners that had all the adults laughing, including telling mom that although I hadn't finished my plate, I had done "pretty darned good" and deserved some dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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