Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Six Months turned 6 months old yesterday! You're getting to be such a big boy!!
Now first your stats:
15lbs 13oz (25%)
26 3/4in (70%)
17.5 in head circumference (75%)

Momma thought those numbers sounded familiar, so tonight she looked through my old doctors notes and sure enough, I was 30% weight, 75% height and 70% head when I was six months old. Wow we are almost like the same baby!! Looks like you'll be long and lean, just like me :)

Anyway, you were so tuckered out from your doctor appointment that you looked like this by the time mom got you home.

You are so much fun, Luke. Of course, its easy to say this because I am absolutely your favorite person ever. Morning, noon and night you grin and laugh at me and my crazy antics. Momma swears I am quite possibly the best big sister ever...CONSTANTLY interested in you, helping in any way possible, and even changing diapers all by myself (under momma's watchful eye, of course!) We have a special relationship already, and I tell momma almost daily that when you grow up, you're gonna marry me.

Your temperament has mellowed out a bit and you are usually quite good-natured and easy to be around. You are generous with your smiles and enjoy any type of bouncing, rhyming or game. You are starting to outgrow (in interest) your swing and much prefer rolling around on your little activity mat or hanging out in the excersaucer, which provides you much entertainment. You still are quite a momma's boy and like her to hold and carry you, but you're pretty cool at hanging by yourself too.

You are rolling, rolling, rolling. Momma says we have to put away my beads and legos soon or Luke will eat them. Speaking of eating, you are just starting to eat baby food...sometimes you are more interested than others. So far you've just had rice cereal and bananas. More discoveries to come!

You sleep about 6:30pm - 6:30am. You get up once to eat anytime between 3 and 5:30. Enjoy it while it lasts, because next month I heard momma say she's gonna let you start to "cry it out", whatever that means. But being up once for about 10 minutes isn't all that terrible on mom, so she's letting it slide for now. You are quite the catnapper, which is perhaps momma's only complaint. You don't like to sleep for more than an hour. We're working on it. I'm trying to instill my sleeping mojo on you, brother.

It feels like just yesterday that you came home from the hospital, brother. I love you so much and enjoy every single MINUTE with you. Happy 6-month birthday!


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