Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Months

Well, I'm almost two weeks late doing this post, but I'm a very very busy girl and just haven't had the time to update you on what Luke is up to at 7 months.

First of all, he is alot like me in that he's turning into a tall, skinny little baby. Momma is trying to fatten him up but he's a bit of a picky eater (oh, the faces he makes when presented with green vegetables!).

Probably the biggest thing about 7 months is that Luke is sitting AND crawling. Yes, that's right...he crawls! Its an army crawl but he certainly gets his little body across any room to get right to what he wants. Now I have to be MUCH more careful with all of my beads, coins and small toys because momma warns me constantly that Luke might eat them.

Little buddy is sleeping better, but isn't quite making it through the night on a consistent basis. He is usually up for a snack right around 4:30 or 5am, and momma is getting ready to let him "cry it out" but she's a little nervous because he is such a skinny minnie. I think she feels guilty withholding ANY food from him. Occasionally he will sleep all the way through the night, but its probably only once a week. But his naptimes are much better, I'm glad to report. He usually naps for 2 hours every morning and about 1.5 hours in the afternoon while I nap. Momma is glad to have an hour of peace and quiet in her day.

Other than that, things are status quo! Luke is my best buddy...he is so happy, smiley and giggles at me and my antics. Momma tells me that 7 months is a great age, and I agree. Luke loves to play by himself on the floor, in his exersaucer, and seems endlessly entertained by anything that I do! I continue to amaze mom and dad with what an amazing big sister I am. With my personality, I can be "persnickety" at times, as momma says, but in terms of being a big sister? She says I've been 100% PERFECT for 7 months now. I comply with what momma needs when she's feeding Luke, I watch over him when momma has to run upstairs, I help change his diapers, feed his bottles, and a give him about a million kisses a day. I'm already asking mommy if she can have another baby...but she tells me that's for a different post.

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