Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sporting KC

The other big highlight of our trip to KC, which deserves its own blog post, was the chance for me and Luke to attending our very first Major League Soccer event. Mommy keeps in touch with a good friend from her days working for the MLS in Dallas, so her friend got us these AWESOME tickets to see Sporting KC play in their brand new (just 2 weeks old) stadium! We got to sit right at the midpoint of the field only 6 rows up, so it was VERY cool. (note that I had to represent my girly side, insisting on wearing a princess dress to the game, much to momma's dismay!)

When we first walked in, the field and game transfixed me and Luke. At least I turned around for a second to take a picture. Luke...not so much!
The good news: within minutes of sitting in our seats, Sporting KC scored TWO goals! The bad news: the very loud burst of noise from the crowd on both occasions scared the daylights out of me and had my hysterically crying. After awhile, though, momma learned to tell me to "hold my ears" whenever it looked like KC might score. That, combined with blue Gatorade and a big tub of popcorn from Grandpa Bill, was the key to success. I LOVED the game, had fun watching the ball go so high in the air, and also was quite interested in the players when they fell down and got hurt. Luke, bless his heart, was a perfect angel and watched the game with interest.

We ended up staying until the end of the game! I was sad to leave and exclaimed several times "I LOVE this place!" We finally loaded back in the car at 10pm (!!) and Luke and I both promptly fell asleep on the car ride home.

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