Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life as I Know It

Sorry I haven't posted much lately...I've been a very busy girl! I thought I'd check in and post an update before things get really crazy around here with the new baby!

- We moved into a new house a few weeks ago. I really like it new room is super cool AND I get to share a bathroom with brother which is super fun. We live just a few doors down from where I will be in school next year, which is fun. I like watching the kids come and go every day, and ask momma almost every day when I can go to kindergarden.
-Daddy is enjoying his new job. Did I tell you that he bought a company and is now working far away? (Momma says its called Colorado Springs. Where is that?) He is gone more than he used to be, and he's very very busy, but he is really happy and I'm proud of daddy.
- Mommy has been busy working on a big event through her MOPS group at church, and also still working at Plum District. Plus she's always on the phone with Ms. Sarah, our relator, working on some aspect of our move or the sale of our old house. Speaking of momma and the word house, she is almost ready to pop! Due any day now with my little brother/sister, she's looking BIG with that belly.

As you can tell, our family has been really busy!

LUKE: Luke is the best little brother in the world, even though lately we have begun fighting over toys and bickering a little bit. He is the funniest boy and the biggest change is that he is talking, talking, talking. He likes to say ANYTHING I ask him to say. He has so many words compared to even a month ago! I tell him all the time I am so proud of him. At his 15 month appointment (which was actually more like 16 months) he was 31 1/4in (60%) for height and 20lbs5oz (3%) for weight. My little string bean!! He's fast fast fast...on the move and ALWAYS getting into things. He certainly keeps mama busy!!!!

ME: I've been busy too! In addition to being in PreK, I am enjoying ballet every week and also am starting up spring soccer soon. I still nap most days (!!) but make up for that by waking up at the crack of dawn each day (usually 6am), much to mommy's dismay. I have so many friends at school and am quite the social butterfly, walking through the hallways waving and calling out to friends in all different classes. Momma doesn't quite understand how I know all these kids, but I do! I had my 5 year appointment a couple weeks ago... I'm 44 1/4 inches tall (85%) and 43lbs (75%).... I continue to be a big girl! The lowlight of my dr appointment was getting 4 shots at the end... I was so brave for the first 2, but the second 2 put me over the edge. I now like to play pretend with mommy that she's at the dr and needs shots...and told her the other day "Now this one's gonna hurt...its the MMR shot. (guess who is ALWAYS listening to momma's conversations?)

I'm sure I'll be back posting soon about my new brother or sister's arrival. We are ready to go and just waiting for more fun (and chaos) to arrive in our house!

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Anonymous said...

Are you and Dave expecting another baby? Congratulations!