Thursday, August 30, 2007


I feel like we are in intermission because I'm still sick. Life is NOT fun with a stuffy nose! Much to mommy and daddy's dismay, my schedule (eating/sleeping) has been thrown out the window while they try any and all tactics to make me feel better. Its hard to sleep and suck my thumb with a full nose, so I'm pretty irritable and fussy. Please say a prayer for me!

So since today is no fun, I wanted to remember a happier time - this weekend, when we had a pool party. I swam with daddy for the first time. Despite my face in this picture, I had alot of fun. Daddy holds me tight and gives me extra kisses when we swim.

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Maggie said...

Lauren, my are precious....what would we do without you and your updates??? Did somebody splash you when you were being held by your daddy? I hate when that happens...I cry when water splashes me too...