Thursday, August 23, 2007

On the Move

Our house is on the market and mommy only got 15 minutes notice we were going to have a showing, so she plopped me down on a blanket with some toys and scurried around to get the house ready. When she came to get me, this is what she found. Yes - I'm officially scooting. I'll admit that its only backward, but its still a big step for me! Yesterday I previewed it for mommy but she thought it was a fluke. Not so much!

When she set me down, I was in the middle of the blanket and all the toys were physically on the blanket. Quite a different scene when she returned.

Life is about to get sooo much more interesting!


Vickie Scott said...

Way to move, girl! Keeping your parents on their toes. But, you are growing up way too fast.

Maggie said...

Go girl - scoot your way on out here already, will ya??? :) We are so proud of you....somebody is going to be crawling sooo soon! (smile Kate, wink, YIKES, smile again)