Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Water Baby

Today was a big day. I learned how to swim. (Well, not exactly...but I learned to splash while mommy holds me). Today it was 95 degrees out so the swimming pool heated up enough for mommy to feel comfortable taking me in, so we took the plunge! With grandpa Bill and grandma Kay cheering me on from the side, I went swimming for the first time. I did quite well, if I say so myself. I never cried or whimpered, and after a couple minutes of careful exploration, I had quite a fun time splashing with my arms and legs. I predict I'll spend alot of time in the pool before the summer is over.

Of course, mommy had grandpa take some video. Check it out!!
Swimming like a champ


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Lisa said...

One more sport for Auntie Seesa to teach her!!!