Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My First Trip to Atlanta

Even though I've been to Denver several times, I've never left Illinois to go anywhere else, until last weekend. Mommy and Daddy and I met up with the Kubik clan in Atlanta, GA for my second cousin Lindsay's wedding. I did awesome on the plane again (slept both ways) and I proved to be a very flexible sleeper as well. Mommy was so nervous I'd have trouble sleeping in the pack n' play at the hotel, but I was a champ and took it all in stride without fussing. (Which brings up the point: why does mommy worry so much about me? I never ever fuss! - well, except when I'm sick)

I wanted to show you a couple pictures - - one of me hanging out in the hotel room, one of the Kubik family all together, and one of me with Uncle Nathan.

It was a really fun trip and I'm excited to go to Atlanta again soon!

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Jeff & Allison Smith said...

What a cute family photo!
And Kate... I love your dress!