Monday, September 17, 2007

Waiting Patiently

Over here at our house, we're waiting anxiously for the arrival of my new cousin. We call her Baby Gibson for now, but I'm just dying to know her real name! (I've asked Aunt Laura to tell me so many times, but she never gives in! I think her secret is safe with me - its not like I can tell anyone. My speech right now is pretty limited to just oohs, ahhhs, grunts and some friendly yelps.)

While we wait, I'll update you on the fact that I'm still LOVING my bathtime. I've recently discovered that if I slap my hands and feet in the water, it makes fun waves and gets mommy and daddy REALLY wet! After my last bath, they had to spend a few minutes mopping up the water all over the floor - haha.

Here's a video of me in the bath last week: Splish Splash

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The Gibsons said...

Sorry Kiddo, You are just gonna have to wait with the rest of them for the name. Maybe you could get ahold of her and let her know that it is okay to come out now? Any help is much appreciated!