Monday, January 21, 2008


This weekend mommy, daddy and I drove up to Aspen to visit Aunt Lisa and Uncle Andy. It was our first family road trip and we had lots and lots of fun. We went on a winter hike (thank goodness Aunt Lisa carried me up, since mommy and daddy were huffing and puffing the whole time), ate at some yummy restaurants, and even went to their cool church (I love singing at church). The best part was that Aunt Lisa and Uncle Andy have TWO doggies, so I got LOTS of practice following them around and, of course, yelling "dog dog dog dog". Aspen was lots of fun and we can't wait to visit again this summer.

(PS - My new "thing" when I get really excited is to throw out my hands and do a silent scream, usually turning the color of an eggplant. In the picture above, they caught me in the act!)

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