Monday, October 13, 2008

SeeSA, LeeSA, MelissSA

My aunt Lisa came into town to visit last weekend. When I was first learning to talk, everyone taught me to just shorten her name to 'Sa, which suited me just fine. Now that I'm older (and smarter), I've found that many variations of the name Lisa can be said, and just by emphasizing the 'SA in what I'm saying, it still means Lisa! So this weekend, Lisa went by 'Sa, SeeSa, Leesa, and (my favorite), MelisSA. It was all the same to me!

We had so much fun together and Lisa even bought me the coolest moose up in Park City. We also went to Gardner Village and saw all the stuffed witches on display...I was WAY interested in them!

The only downside was that I got a pretty nasty cold on Friday and Saturday and wasn't quite my cheerful, delightful self.

SeeSA...I hope you come back soon! I love you!

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