Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wee Squeak

Mommy got me these supercool new Mary Jane shoes last week. They have these little squeakers in them that make cute noises every time I take a step. When I put them on, I just move my little feet as fast as I can - very fun. Here's a video of me and my "happy feet".... Oh, and don't worry...the squeakers pull out easily so mommy and daddy don't have to get tooo annoyed by them.


Chris and Amanda Donovan said...

LOVE those shoes!! Where did you find those!

SandGs Mom said...

sean had those and we loved them especially in the store so if he ran off, we'd know just where he was. (Not that we really let him get far anyway!) I also loved letting him wear them at the gym -i'm pretty sure they appreciated that!!