Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3 Months Old


No matter what I call you, you are my most favorite person on earth. I love being your big sister so much and you light me up whenever I see you. I tell you all the time about the things I'm going to teach you when you grow up, and I delight and squeal with enjoyment when you smile at me. I love being your big sister, and today I wish you a happy 3-month birthday!

You are a good are the bestest overnight sleeper (even beating me, I think) and most nights you sleep for a good 9 or 10 hour stretch. You smile and coo at us, and when you get tired you get real fussy real fast. We know we have to put you to bed NOW! You still hate the car and scream almost every second that we are driving, with is kindof a drag on me and momma...especially considering I'm quite a busy girl and require lots of time in the car to get me to and from school and my activities.

Despite your temper, you are the best thing in the world and I LOVE being your big sister. I like you so much I've even told momma and daddy that I want them to have another baby. Momma says THAT'S another blog post.

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