Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby Einstein Overload

I can honestly say that Baby Einstein is a big part of my life. I play under my Baby Einstein playgym, listen to my Baby Einstein CD when we're in the car (mommy swears by it to keep me quiet and happy), and I even have some Baby Einstein toys. Today mommy introduced me to some new soft blocks and I had sooo much fun eating them and kicking them. THEN she had to go ruin everything by taking out the camera and trying to get a picture of me having fun. Ugg...
Needless to say, I went into "Baby Einstein overload" (its a medical condition... I've talked to my other baby friends and they get it too). It was pretty stressful, but mommy quickly put the camera down and cuddled me, and that made everything better. Sometimes it's hard being a baby.

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The Gibsons said...

Lauren, If your mom ever pulls that sh*t again, please let one of your aunts know....we'll come save you PROMISE.