Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Dedication

Today Nana K and Papa J hosted my dedication at their house. It was so much fun. I had many family members there to see it, and of course all of mommy and daddy's best friends came too. It was pretty hot outside but I loved sitting in daddy's lap for the ceremony, which Tim and Anne Evans presided over. The best part was when I made a MASSIVE poopie right in the middle of the ceremony. It made everyone laugh and it was quite stinky, which mommy and daddy didn't appreciate. I wore a Christening gown that has now been worn for 4 generations in my family... now it will get passed off to my cousin Baby Gibson for her Christening. It was really a wonderful day - I hope I'll remember it forever, but if not, I know I can look back on the pictures and video that were taken (thanks Auntie Kate and Uncle Matt!)

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