Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sucking on my Toes

Did I say before that hanging in my swing is my favorite activity? I'm sooo over that (well, not really), but I do have a new skill that is now my #1 favorite thing to do - sucking on my toes! I mostly like to do it when I'm getting my diaper changed because my pesky clothes don't have to get in the way, but I'll still do it with clothes on. Mommy took a video of me doing it last night after my bath but I'm naked so its not appropriate for public viewing...but mommy told me today she's going to catch me doing this with clothes on so she can post a video. Why do her and daddy laugh so hard when I do this? My big toe is just like having another thumb, so I put it in there and suck away for a few minutes. What's the big deal?

Happy 4th of July!

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