Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Did It!

I crawled today! Mommy's life is about to change, big time. Time to chase me all over!

video video


Vickie Scott said...

watch out mom and dad, now that
she is on the move there is no stopping her!!

The Gibsons said...

omg, Lauren, this is SO awesome. and you even debuted your new skill when dad was home to experience it too! I bet he is so proud of you!

Lisa said...

I love how she stops for a second to suck her thumb... that is pretty cute! Just knowing how her legs are moving when she ISN'T on the move.... lookout kate!

Kate said...

Oh my! Lauren, I am blown away! Auntie Kate needs to come see this in person. You are too cute! I am so proud. :)