Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yummy Mail

Ever since we moved to Colorado, we have been swamped with all sorts of mail, many of them offering services since we are new to the area. Today I walked with mommy to get the mail and then when we got home, I helped her open it. Have you ever tried tasting the mail? I love it... and then I discard what I don't need behind me. Check it out in this video mommy took.


Maggie said...

Hey Lauren,
Wow! That's quite some feeding frenzy. I can't believe your mom will let you eat the mail (which has been touched by ump-teen hands and suspicious persons), but she won't let me give you kisses. I'm so sad. Don't worry - between you and me, I'll get one in when she isn't looking! I LOVE you!
-Tuck Tuck (Gracie says ditto)

Vickie Scott said...

Such a good recycler!!!

Noah said...

That's the best mail sorting that I've ever seen! Maybe you can give me some tips when we visit in December.

Noah (& Simon & Stephanie)