Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sweet Home, Chicago

Bundled up for a chilly night

Small group pals: Noah, Tyler and Callie

Me with Nana and Papa

Mommy and I just got back from our trip to Chicago. It was SO much fun! I got to see lots of people in just a few short days - Aunt Laura and Cousin Anna, our old small group from church, mommy's work friends, and our next door neighbors, the Scotts. But the best part was being at Nana K and Papa J's house again. It felt just right, being back in my old stomping grounds again, playing games with Nana. This weekend, I even learned how to "high five" from Nana's friend Ellen. Pretty cool!

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Noah said...

It was great to see you and play for the afternoon. You've learned some new tricks that have inspired me and I can only hope to have that much hair next time I see you. :)