Friday, September 12, 2008

From One Vacation to the Next...

Well these are the last pictures from Door County that I'll share with you. Nana made me this special "Kamp Kubik" tshirt and we took some pictures out on the back deck to preserve some memories from my first (of many) trip up Kamp Kubik.

Today I'm on my way with mommy and daddy to Hawaii. We are flying 7 1/2 hours to get there, but I'm super excited to do another "first" - spend time on a beach! Of course mommy had to wait until she was 24 years old to see Hawaii for the first time - I'm doing it at 19 months old! Just goes to show that my life is wayyyyy more adventurous and cool than my parents!

I'll try to check in from Hawaii, but in the meantime, keep yourself entertained by checking out the NEW pictures from this summer (link is on the right). Trust me, there are some good ones!

PS - Mommy wanted me to ask you to pray for her and daddy. They are pretty anxious about taking me on this long of a flight (I tend to dislike sitting still) - and are hoping you'll send positive vibes our way!

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