Monday, September 8, 2008


My trip to Wisconsin last week started with a long airplane ride. Thankfully I'm so comfortable on airplanes (I've probably flown 20 round-trips in my short life) that I can take naps on mommy if the flight is long enough. Unfortunately, my naps tend to damage my perfect hair. I can look a bit...well...scattered when I wake up.

I'm also good at waiting... Waiting in line to check in, waiting in security lines, waiting to board the plane, waiting to take off, waiting for our bags, waiting for our rental cars.... you get the point.


Stephanie said...

That is some crazy hair! I'm glad to hear that Lauren is a better traveler then Noah. Although he can manage the waiting, he doesn't like the confinement of the plane ride. We're going to Mexico next week though, so we'll see how he does.

Andrew said...

I am surprised she doesn't fit in the overhead compartment any more! Can't wait to see you all this week, travel safe - we'll have fun on Friday in Denver.