Friday, November 20, 2009


After a kissing attack from mom...."Mommy, that's too many kisses. You can only kiss me one time"

Upon waking up in the morning... "So, what's the plan today, mom?"

Looking for a place to hide my favorite toy
"Nana, where do you suppose I should hide this?"

After bonking heads with mommy, I said...
"Aww..Its okay, honey. I'll kiss it and make it better"

To my preschool teacher
"Miss Sandy, your shoes are sooo cute today!"

Sitting down to lunch with mommy
"So mom, what's the latest and greatest?"

To Dr. Kathy, my mom's new doctor
"Kathy? That's my Nana. My Nana K She's my favorite and I love her soo much" (the nurses thought I was sooo cute when I said that)

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