Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone!! Sorry I'm a little behind in my blog posting, but I've been a busy girl lately (plus, mom and I have been sick so the blogging fell last on the list). For Thanksgiving, Nana and Papa took the family to Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona. It was my first time going to Arizona (well...technically I went when I was in momma's belly, but I don't count that) and I LOVED all the unique things about the desert. I tended to interrupt any adult conversation with "THERE's a cactus...and THERE's a cactus....and THERE's a cactus" and also learned that the tall, big cactus is called a "saguaro", and repeated that fact about 100 times.

I had a BLAST with all my aunts and uncles, and of course Nana and Papa too. I find all of my uncles very silly and funny...and pretty much hang over all the older girls in the family. Good thing they think I'm cute and shower me with tons of attention! While we mostly stayed at the resort, I did get to go on outings to the Tuscon Zoo and to Sabino Canyon. I'll tell you more about that soon.

But in the meantime...