Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Lamb

Halloween was so fun this year! It was my first time trick-or-treating in our neighborhood in Colorado (we were in SLC last year) and I had an absolute BLAST. I went with my neighborhood buddies Ashleigh, Ryder, Chloe and Hadleigh, plus their parents, plus Nana and Papa. I ran to each and every house and was always a polite girl saying "thank you" after getting my treats. Mom and dad had perhaps hoped for more of a bonding experience, but I left them in the dust! They did enjoy seeing me have so much fun, though. After 1 hour of manic trick-or-treating, I sat down at the edge of a random driveway and declared I was done. I was home and in bed asleep 20 minutes later.

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Vickie Scott said...

You are the cutest little lamb I ever saw! Were you inspired by you favorite lamb, Lamb Chop?

Kathryn said...

so so so so so so CUTE!