Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas, Take One (Aspen)

Christmas started off a bit early when we headed up to Aspen last week to see my new cousin Ryder. The drive was fast and pretty, and quite enjoyable thanks to my trusty portable DVD player. I had lots of fun meeting my cousin. I was especially obsessed with his "owie" on his belly button and when that would fall off (I pretty much checked it hourly). Mommy and daddy also loved snuggling up with a newborn. Great quotes from the trip include:

(during prayer time at night) "Mommy, Ryder has an owie on his belly button. When I was little I also had an owie on my belly button"

(when hearing mom miss a stair and crash down) "Daddy, did mommy hurt her hip like Grandma Shirley?"

(when Ryder was crying) "Mommy, is Ryder on Santa's naughty list?"

(pointing to mommy, then Lisa) "You're a mommy....and You're a mommy!"


Noah said...

I hope your mommy didn't hurt her hip like Aunt Shirley and that everyone is doing well in your family.

Vickie Scott said...

You are going to be a great older cousin! You are also very wise.