Monday, December 14, 2009

Not so Merry??

Today was part 1 of the "Birthday Party for Jesus" that my preschool class hosted. All the parents were there and we made crafts and then had a special singing performance for the parents. I got this cute picture with my teacher, Miss Sandy, who I LOVE!

Then it was time for our big performance. I was having a great time until I looked up and saw the paparazzi - about 40 parents all armed with flashing cameras and camcorders. I suddenly lost my instinct to perform and wanted mommy to hold my hand. She finally got me unattached for the last song, but I wasn't feeling it. Despite singing this song nearly EVERY night the last two weeks at home for mommy and daddy, my first public performance went....well.... not so hot. (Try not to laugh)


Stephanie said...

Crowds are tough! You'll get 'em next year!

Vickie Scott said...

Ah, Lauren, a little stage fright is no big deal, especially when you are the cutest one in the performance!!!