Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

After visiting zoos in Chicago, Denver and Salt Lake City, perhaps I've been a bit spoiled. We visited the zoo in Tuscon over the weekend and (no offense to Tuscon) - lets just say it made mommy and daddy appreciate the great zoo we have access to in Denver. To be fair, I told mom and dad that Tuscon isn't a big city, and there's more elderly there then young families... but still. I have to admit - if I can walk through it, start to finish, in 40 minutes, it is a little small!

I did get to see a giant polar bear swimming and flipping around in the water, a black panther, a couple giraffes eating out of a tree, and an elephant make a pee and poop that blew my mind. Seriously.

Mom found a cute photo-op spot by the flamingos but I wasn't in the mood. A girl can't always be "on", ya know?

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Noah said...

Love the "Share Some Love, Leave a Comment" button! :) I will tell you that the Children's Museum in Tuscon isn't much better then the zoo. Glad you had fun anyway!