Friday, December 18, 2009

Look Who I Met Today!

So cool! Today Santa came to Denver, and mommy took me to go see him. Standing in line wasn't all that fun, but I did wonderful and was so happy to see Santa!! I immediately told him my name and that I want a "dot stroller" for Christmas. I also told him that I have an elf at my house, and he flies every night to the north pole. I smiled really pretty for my picture and then gave Santa a big hug before I got off his lap. It was SO fun! I didn't even have to hold mommy's hand!

Afterward, I got to go on "The Polar Express" train. I especially loved pulling the rope to sound the horn, and the snowglobe at the end...snowflakes everywhere!

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Vickie Scott said...

Oh, Lauren I am so proud of you! Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of year? You get to have so many fun experiences and meet Santa and ride the Polar Express (two of my favorites)! I know you will get that "dot stroller" because you are such a good girl.
Love you!