Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reunited...and it feels so good!

After a LONG, LONG time being apart (two whole months!), I'm getting to spend this weekend with Nana K and Papa J, who are visiting us in Salt Lake City. I have been having SO much fun. We are up to all of our old tricks...singing, dancing, reading books, taking walks. It is wonderful to be together again.

Nana K brought me an assortment of things in her suitcase. She brought along some of my "friends" (mommy calls them stuffed animals?) that I play with in Chicago alot, like my favorite duckie. She also brought me some gifts to open. Mommy captured some great shots of my posing with my loot.

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Jen said...

Kate!! She is soooo big! What a cutie and so expressive! Okay...I have my blogs bookmarked! Now I can have Lauren updates all the time!